He recently sold his previous startup, Pheed , a popular teen social media app, for $40 million after only 18 months since its launch, then immediately began working on Music Messenger the next day. Previously, Kobo developed and operated several popular Internet properties in China alongside his previous partner, the Prime Minister of Qatar. Kobos ……Read More

perhaps you have often desired that you may perform your guitar? Do you want to be always an element of this amazing pastime? You’re within the proper spot should you answered yes. The following ideas will improve your potential being an artist. Spend time around the fundamentals. You must ensure you may remain before running ……Read More

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your guitar is a good solution to present oneself to the planet of music. The guitar is an instrument that’s perfect that is tough to although relatively easy to understand. This short article can educate you on how-to play with a guitar. Discover ways to keep motivated. You ought to set equally long-term short-term and ……Read More


But they are not all making the same decisions. Some artists have enough of an existing fan base that they do not need to make their music available for free. That same pool of artists may choose to give away” or discount a certain amount of their music anyway because they want to and/or because ……Read More

It’s considered excellent once you enjoy guitar. Lots of folks have harbored aspirations to be a musician at-one level. Then these ideas will help should you desire to turn your dream in to a reality. Keep on and you will possess some instruments to assist you succeed using the guitar. Understand the fundamentals. Before you ……Read More


We were sent our music ahead of time, said Samantha, and we were expected to know our parts thoroughly before going down there. The students were required to arrive several days before the event and those days were spent primarily in practice. It was very intense, said Ryan. We practiced for eight or nine hours ……Read More

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Chuck Jose lost in his Fantasy Football league and the stakes were high — it cost him his dignity. Chuck, who works at Sony in San Francisco, had to do a shot-by-shot recreation of Sia’s “Chandelier” music video. He even had to wear the nude-colored leotard. The real video is on the right… Chuck is ……Read More

a lot of people would love to master an instrument like guitar. Nonetheless, several same individuals never bother attempting. That problem is addressed by this article. Below are a few excellent tips and ideas to enable you to start learning guitar, maybe today. Get guitar lessons. While learning the guitar on your own is possible, ……Read More


(WLFI) With just about three weeks until Christmas, lights are going up all over town. However, one Battle Ground man is beating most people in more ways than one. For the past eight years Chris Hoover has been setting up an elaborate Christmas light display set to move and dance to music. Techno, Christmas and ……Read More

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